23 Apr 14
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Oops sorry my bad, I wanted to ask about the fic where Ruby kisses Emma to make Regina jealous at the kissing booth and she's like "you'll thank me later *wink wink*" and everything.Anonymous

Hi Anon, I think you’re talking about Leave it to Ruby  by Writetherest  =)

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23 Apr 14
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SQ Fic Update: Down East Decisions, Ch. 5/?

Author | FlyYouFools

Summary | Massachusetts State Police Capt. Emma Swan leaves her red-hot career to become the police chief of sleepy Storybrooke, Maine. She’s hoping for a less-complicated, less-dangerous life, a desire that is dashed on both counts. AU. No magic. Crime drama and romance. Swan Queen is endgame.

Theme | AU, no magic, crime drama, romance

Rating | M

Also on AO3

Summary: Massachusetts State Police Capt. Emma Swan leaves her red-hot career to become the police chief of sleepy Storybrooke, Maine. She’s hoping for a less-complicated, less-dangerous life, a desire that is dashed on both counts. AU. No magic. Crime drama and romance. Swan Queen is endgame.


Regina watched her son recline in the Chief’s strong arms, as easy as if he were lounging in his own bed. His right foot swung lazily as he listened, staring off into space and playing with the ends of Emma’s long hair twirling them around his fingers, only to let them go and watch them spring back into place.

She barely let any other adult speak to her son, let alone hold him. But there was something about Emma that put the brunette – and obviously Henry – at ease. Her lips pulled up at the corners as she watched his sleepy lids start to flutter, the index and middle fingers of his right hand finding their way to his mouth. The boy shifted, snuggling in even further, as if he were trying to burrow himself into the fit torso of the blonde and out the other side. Curled into her own chair, Regina felt peacefully relaxed as she watched the scene, lulled into near-hypnosis by Emma’s narration. The tranquility was followed quickly by a thought so unexpected it nearly jolted her: She wished she could join them.

A fuzzy warmth settled over Regina’s body as her imagination took flight: Henry snuggled in Emma’s lap, Regina tucked into her side, her head on Emma’s shoulder, her face tickled by a random blonde curl. A strong arm enveloping her and pulling her close as she smells the clean, fresh scent of the woman’s skin and spies a neck she suddenly has to urge to taste and mark with her lips and tongue…

22 Apr 14
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There is a fic where Regina is upper class and Emma is super poor and she dances for living and they met in the club/bar where she works, Regina is an artist WHAT IS THE NAMEAnonymous

Meet me Halfway by Hunnyfresh

22 Apr 14
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New Fic | Victory

Author | Paradoxalpoised

Summary | Regina never really thought she could have a shot at happiness, with her son, with Emma, the three of them a family. Love also comes in unexpected ways, it can’t be boxed, or reined. Love is always free, whether we want it or not, whether we comprehend it or not. It is time for Regina to come to terms with the love in her heart.

Setting | Events in this story are situated in Storybrooke post Nerverland (3x09) and AU from there.

Theme | Polyamory!Regina Mills. Please be mindful this story includes established Swan Queen and the establishment of Red Queen.

Rating & Warning | The story is rated M for violent, sexual and altogether adult content. Please be advised that triggers and events of traumatic natures will be present throughout the story.

Read it on | AO3

Excerpt |

"I love watching you get ready in the morning."

Regina rolls her eyes, Emma makes her shy. It annoys her. Emma finds it sweet and frankly, sweet really isn’t what she aims for.

"I didn’t mean to wake you. I wanted to get an early start today."

Yet the shyness gets to her, it always does. Being shy and sweet in Emma’s eyes means she’s being human. She’s doing something right when Emma’s smile is genuine as it is for her now. Emma’s turned up lips say I love you like nothing else. Now that she’s tasted that, she won’t relinquish any of it. Shyness be damned.

"I want to pick up Henry and spend a moment with him before he goes to your parents for the night."

"You’re seeing Ruby tonight."

"Yes, as planned." Regina switches to the other leg.

"She’s spending a lot of time with you." Emma is still smiling. The one from Emma’s True Love heart which has worlds of kindness and promises of lifetimes of happiness genetically encoded in it.

"Miss Lucas is making very satisfactory progress with her situation, I am… glad that I can be of help."

"She can’t stop raving about you." She chuckles gently this time. She knows what game they’re playing at now. Emma is indulging her. "I think she might have a crush on you."

She considers her options quickly. She could deny it; she wants to but there is the small detail of the lively truth scanner she hates to lie to. Emma knows anyway.

Ruby is attracted to her. She’s attracted to Ruby. She chose red stilettos today.

Her work with the girl is paying off. Ruby is older than Emma, but she’s the girl to her. The she-wolf, the girl who helped Snow, the girl who ate her boyfriend, the girl who killed her own mother.

The girl she made a red cloak for, once upon a time.

She’s made her a girl, here in Storybrooke too. Maybe it was so she could call her a girl. Possibly. A woman girl in perpetual riot.

NB | This was originally posted on February 21st 2014

22 Apr 14
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New Fic | Something to Celebrate

Author | Paradoxalpoised

Summary | Henry, who still doesn’t remember his mother, has a special favor to ask of Regina, a couple weeks after Neal’s funeral. He manages to enlist her into making Emma a special birthday dinner.

Setting | Events in this story are situated around S03E16, but some events are loosely canon.

Theme | Swan Queen & Swan-Mills Family

Rating & Warning | This story is rated T.

Read it on | AO3

Dedication | To @queenderien as a belated present for her birthday.

Excerpt |

"Your father died, she once loved him and you were born of that love." His beautiful dark eyes, which make her thinks of her own father’s eyes when she knows it to be impossible. "It’s natural that she’s sad, Henry."

"But I’m not." His eyes which are Emma’s. "And I want to do something for her, so she’s not sad anymore."

"You didn’t know your father, Henry, it’s normal-"

"I don’t feel bad." He does that now, interrupt her, and others too. He wouldn’t have before. She wonders how much of it is Emma’s parenting and how much of it is Henry being an adolescent. "I mean," he means he thinks he should feel bad but he doesn’t because the teenager before her never knew his father and doesn’t know to love him. "I am sad that I’ll never get to know my father and I am sad that Neal’s dead… it’s just he… he wasn’t my dad."

"You’re sad that you’re mother is suffering."

She should be sad that her son will never know more of his father than what he already has, and forgot. She should be sad that the man who could have been a brother in their loathing and resisting the darkness oozing from the monster who somehow raised them both in his own ways is no more. Her kin.

She’s not sad.

"What do you need from me, Henry?"

He smirks, just a little. His eyes are all hers too.

It’s her day to babysit him, while the other look for Zelena. Absurd.

"Can you help me make her feel like we’re away from all this, like we’re back home for her birthday?"