31 Jul 14
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For the person searching for the fic where Emma is love with Regina, and they have dinners and snow knows and charming finds out - sounds like a scene from Fretting over the fate of dinosaurs. One of my favorites!insanetwin

Thank you!

29 Jul 14
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Hi. I'm trying to find a fanfic I was reading a while back. All I remember is that its a AU FTL swan queen. And regina and emma meet in the forest and they go to reginas castle and emma becomes reginas white knight and wife. No Henry.Anonymous

Anybody knows this one?

28 Jul 14
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Hello! Thanks for the excellent blog. I'm looking for a fic where Emma keeps missing dinner at the Charmings' and has fallen in love with Regina and is heartbroken. Snow knows Emma is in love with Regina but has been ignoring the signs. The scene I vividly remember is Emma comes home for dinner and Snow finally reveals she knows and has been hoping it wasn't happening, Emma breaks down, and Charming is his clueless self until he *gets it*. He is then supportive dad Charming - Thanks!Anonymous

sounds pretty angst to me! Can anybody identify this fic?

insanetwin said it might be Fretting over the Fate of Dinosaurs by harper_m

Check it out and let us know, anon! 

28 Jul 14
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I'm looking for a fic where is Regina who finds Emma exercising at the Jolly Roger and things goes really intense after that. Snow almost catches them and Regina pass close to Emma's mom smelling like Emma's... Please, help me?gcmin

Dear followers, help us out! 

27 Jul 14
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Fic Update: Letters from War Chapter 12


Once Upon a Time (Swan Queen)

Rating: T

Genre: Drama/Angst//Romance

AO3 | FF

Emma is a soldier on reserve in Fort Benning. Regina is the Mayor of Storybrooke. Through a pen pal program designed to ease the ache of homesick soldiers, Emma and Regina begin sending letters to one another as their relationship grows from cordial acquaintance to something neither woman would have expected - until the letters stop coming.

September 30, 2004 – Baghdad, Iraq – Camp Victory

It felt hotter than Emma remembered. The air was dry and so humid she felt like she was suffocating. Her gear wasn’t helping her in the slightest, heavy and constricting, weighing her down, but she was at least used to the familiar weight. This heat took some getting used to, and all it served to do was remind Emma what it was like the last time she had been here.

The twenty-four hour flight in the jet was simultaneously the shortest and longest trip of her life. The first time she had flown to Iraq for service, there had been nervousness, yes, anxiety even. But as uncertain as she had been, there was a hint of what one might call excitement. She was finally doing what she had been training for. She was going to represent her country, her people. She was going to be one of those soldiers all those songs sang about, be a hero.

But not now. Now she wanted nothing more than to be anywhere but here. They could have sent her anywhere in the world, but apparently her expertise was what got her picked. If she was anyone else – Emma the traveller, Emma the criminal on the run even – anyone but Corporal Swan reporting for duty – she would have loved to visit Baghdad. The people, the culture-shock, the landscape. It was beautiful when she was able to go into the city and visit the markets. Of course, some people were wary of her especially since she was perpetually in her uniform and carried an automatic rifle, but they were good people. She’d feel the same if she had people in uniform marching down her streets acting like she was a convicted criminal. But most times, they made it work with the locals.

A lot of the times a few troops would give little toys and knick-knacks to the children there, and she swore she felt like Santa and could understand why the fabled old man continued to keep giving. Their smiles were contagious as they showed them how they kicked around a soccer ball with their friends. Sometimes Emma would even help rebuild school houses and buildings that fell under attack. Alongside the civilians, American and Iraqi would unite to progress toward the better as each brick of the foundation was laid upon the ground.

That part, that part of the job Emma loved. But the part she was more familiar with, the part that sometimes kept her up at night when she refused to close her eyes, the reason why she was here in the first place since it was expertise, that she could do without.

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26 Jul 14
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More fellow SWEN looking for fanfictions, people. 
Would you be so kind and help them? Thanks!


envybecomesher said: skinny little lesbian wrote willow wand and is currently writing it’s sequel hawthrone wand

writebethany said: I wrote a Once/HP crossover where they’re both professors called The Raven’s Swan and amycarey did Spinning Match Sticks Into Needles and it’s sequel.

bae-in-maine said: Check out The Willow Wand and the sequel The Hawthorne Wand by Skinnylittlelesbian on for HP/SQ crossover. Also Chrmdpoet is writing an epic crossover too

Dear Chrmdpoet, I couldn’t find a link to your crossover story… :(
chrmdpoet said: It’s not been published yet.

oops. We’ll patiently wait for it. Take your time, and do a great job, as usual! :D

26 Jul 14
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Hi I've been looking for a fic where Emma is a model or something and a single mom w Henry and she meets Regina who's a paramedic? I'm not sure if it was ever updated :(Anonymous

Everybody loves a good AU. 

Ideas, people?


badasskitsune said: You and I collide”?

26 Jul 14
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Hey guys I want to finish reading a fic but forgot the title it is when emma found regina sleeping in snows casket in the forest and where emma met reginas father and she fell inlove with regina.. thanks guys..Anonymous

People? Anyone knows this one? 


We have a winner! 

scarlette-rayne said: I was going to say. It’s actually my fic and yes it’s called Held in Stasis.

26 Jul 14
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Hello. I was reading this fan fiction a while ago. It was really interesting, about Regina being a serial killer that tried to kill Emma a while ago, but then somehow they end up in protective custody together. Something about a new danger. I am sorry I can't add more. Please, help.Anonymous

Serial Killer, huh? I want to read that!!!

Help us, dears!


bae-in-maine said: Ok actually I think it’s Sickness Love by brokenheartstillbeat. On her tumblr

Thanks!!! I got the link for her ffnet page!