30 Aug 14
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Hey! I was wondering If you could help me out. I can't remember the name of this fic I read where Emma keeps sending Regina flowers with notes. Each flower means something different. And I'm kinda drawing a complete blank after that lolAnonymous

Flowers, people! Help us out here, guys!

30 Aug 14
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Hello there! I'm looking for fics (short or novel-like, either will do) where Regina is the one proposing marriage to Emma? I'd appreciate it if anyone can help me out here. Thank you in advance! :))Anonymous

The first one that comes to my mind is He Get’s That From Me by B of Ericaland. Epic length 312k words so far, still in progress, super angst, TOTALLY WORTHY READING!

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29 Aug 14
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I need some help in finding a short fic: Regina turns into a cat(cant remember if voluntarily or not) and Emma "adopts" her, even though she realises that its the Queen she has in her home. When Regina turns back SQ happens. Its just a fluffy and quite shore, but im need of short and sweet atm :) thank you!Anonymous

Well, anon, I did read it, but now I can’t remember the name. 
Somebody help us?

27 Aug 14
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Another fic finder question! Emma is mute and lives with Ruby and Belle (who are a couple). Neal is her older brother. Emma has mental health issues due to abuse. Emma is an art student and when she is sketching in the park she meets Henry and Regina. Any idea??ellemae-fic

Holly Mary Margaret Mother of Emma! That is an intense plot! I wanna read it now!

Please, people, help us out!

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27 Aug 14
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Hey i have a link to a copy of "It started with a Brooch". for your anon if they want to send me ask off anon i would be willing to share it.doccuhus

There you go, anon! 

Thank you, darling!

26 Aug 14
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Hola, love your blog. I just want to know if any of your followers have the FF it's started with a brootch or something like that. Xansonceuponatimealostgirl

Hola, darling!

Sadly, this story has been deleted by the author! 

26 Aug 14
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sorry to bother but I can't find this fic & it's killing me. Emma & Henry somehow end up in FTL, I think it was with Henry's book, & Regina finds them & makes Emma read the book to her. I just remember Regina wouldn't kiss Emma cause she believes kissing was only for people she loved. Maleficent is there & tries to win over Emma. Meanwhile Emma & Henry are trying to find a way home & get home at the end & Regina appears somehow and kisses Emma. Hope that is enough. Thanks in advance! :)Anonymous

Well, this is awkward, but I never read it! :( Luckly, we have a lot of followers to help us out. 



@acautionarytale said: In A Land Far Far Away by Dashed

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26 Aug 14
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Hi! Ive been readin "True Romance" Em Reg and Hen lost their SB memory and given fake memory by of Pans curse. Theyve been livin as a family for a yr until hook came. I think the author deleted the story. Do u guys know the authors name? Tnx guys!wingardiumfabulosa

Somebody help us, please?

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26 Aug 14
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Hi, I'm looking for any post S1fics that deal with Henry realising he's treated Regina terribly / being sorry for it / realising he might have put her life in danger / mising her. Similar to "The Power of Seclusion" for example. Thanks in advance!Anonymous

Hi anon! Let’s ask our followers for similars, shall we?

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