14 Sep 14
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Heeeelp, I read a fanfic not too long ago where Regina was a Stripper at the Rabbit Hoke owned by Mr Gold and Emma was rich and helped Regina to get away from her old job/life and let her move in next to her. It had quite a few chapters. Help me pls!awayfromsight


12 Sep 14
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Fic help please. I'm searching a fic where Emma finds herself in SB with no memories, and while at the hospital starts to know Mayor Regina, who keeps visiting her. I recall Emma met MM too, who was visiting coma patient David, and she gave Emma a painted picture to bright up the hospital room. Ring any bell?Anonymous

Sadly, not here. 


12 Sep 14
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Help please. I've been looking for a fic where Emma and Regina are married, but Emma takes Regina as hostage because Regina's trying to divorce her... But in the end all of it was just a big misunderstanding and just a lack of communication on both parties. Sound familiar to anybody? :)Anonymous

Dear Followers, can you help us?

12 Sep 14
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Do you (or followers) know if anyone has written AUs based on: Fried Green Tomatoes, Chocolat, or Orange Is The New Black? And if so, could you point me in their direction? If not, I shall take this as my mission to start writing my own lolcountrylobster

Does anybody know?

12 Sep 14
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Hi! I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm looking for a couple of fics where Emma is in a coma and magic does not exist. One was where Regina adopted Henry and visits Emma at the hospital as much as she can through the years until she wakes up. The other fic is where Emma wakes up and Regina is married to someone else so Emma wants to move back to the city.Anonymous

Somebody please, help us! 

6 Sep 14
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Swan Queen Appreciation Week: day seven

↳ favorite swan queen fanfiction

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30 Aug 14
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Hey! I was wondering If you could help me out. I can't remember the name of this fic I read where Emma keeps sending Regina flowers with notes. Each flower means something different. And I'm kinda drawing a complete blank after that lolAnonymous

Flowers, people! Help us out here, guys!

30 Aug 14
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Hello there! I'm looking for fics (short or novel-like, either will do) where Regina is the one proposing marriage to Emma? I'd appreciate it if anyone can help me out here. Thank you in advance! :))Anonymous

The first one that comes to my mind is He Get’s That From Me by B of Ericaland. Epic length 312k words so far, still in progress, super angst, TOTALLY WORTHY READING!

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29 Aug 14
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I need some help in finding a short fic: Regina turns into a cat(cant remember if voluntarily or not) and Emma "adopts" her, even though she realises that its the Queen she has in her home. When Regina turns back SQ happens. Its just a fluffy and quite shore, but im need of short and sweet atm :) thank you!Anonymous

Well, anon, I did read it, but now I can’t remember the name. 
Somebody help us?