20 Oct 14
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Does anyone know of any established swan queen fanfics, where everyone knows they're together but no ones ever seen them together. Then they dance and look happy at some event?Anonymous

Leave it To Ruby by writetherest < this is the closest of what you asked, anon!

20 Oct 14
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Heeey. Haha. I was just wondering if there are any cobra/mongoose crack fics out there yet. Or anything that refers to both operations? Hahaha. If so, it should be a prompt or something! Something about Emma learning of this operation, and wanting in on it or something.Anonymous

haha nice prompt, anon!

17 Oct 14
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Any fics that you can recommend to me where swan queen is in neverland? :)Anonymous

I personally don’t like nor read this plot my dear anon, but I will ask the incredible support of our followers to help find you some nice stories! :D


15 Oct 14
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any fic suggestions for the newbies in the fandom? like the "must reads" and all :)alexanderswan

Well… I believe a “Must read” is a very personal choice… so I’m gonna give you mine and I want the followers to help you, ok?

I Could Give You My Apologies

She Says Nothing

These Holidays Won’t Be Wonderful

Fragments of a Life Less Lived

The Clock Stopped Ticking

Thought You’d Never Ask


You Name is Regina Mills

Incoming Messages

A Fine Line

Letters From War 

Popcorn Love

Today and Every day

14 Oct 14
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I'm looking for a smut one shot where Regina will only have sex with Emma with a magic dick and Emma asks why one time they're together and Regina says because she's not gay and Emma responds with Regina you gave us both dicks and we were having gay sex with them you can't get anymore gayer than thatAnonymous

Whoa there, tiger! hahaha I never read it, maybe somebody had. 

14 Oct 14
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Any swan queen fics that take place on the Jolly Roger? I've already read 'we'll make our home on the water'.Anonymous

No idea, Anon, let’s ask our followers!

14 Oct 14
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I had read a fic rec once about a SQ fic where not just Emma and Henry, but also Charming and Snow move into Regina's mansion, but the fic rec list has been taken down - any ideas what fic this would be by any chance?Anonymous


8 Oct 14
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this is what it feels like

Author | insanetwin

SummaryEmma is half freezing, and Mary Margret doesn’t know what to do. But she knows who to call. Follows right after 4x02 

Preview | And sometimes she’s glad her heart is half gone, that it’s allowed her to soften her approach a little, because sometimes there are things she must treat with delicacy – something her brash, full heart would not always understand. She can’t cradle her oldest child, she can’t always say the important things, but she can smile, and she can understand.

“Oh, Emma.” She lets out a with a breath, smiling. “She doesn’t hate you.”

It’s the easiest thing to say, and the easiest thing to truly believe.