15 Apr 14
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Hey, just wanted your suggestions on sq (post-curse) storylines . I love angst but optimistic endings, lengthy stories, not AUs (by that i mean totally different lifes) and preferably not too focused on sex (not that it hurts but i like plot). My 2 favs : "Safe" by sgtmac and "the fatal plunge" by maleficently. Epic funny stories that i also enjoyed: "the secret's in the telling" and "monomythical adventures". The one that made me reconsider my soft side was "a fine line". Thanks in advance.Anonymous

Well, you did mentioned A Fine Line, so you should read it. Moreover, I’d say you should read Hunnyfresh's stories in general. She's got some cannon and AUs worth reading as well…. Besides that, can our dearest followers help you out here? 

15 Apr 14
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Fic Update | Down East Decisions, Ch. 4/?

Author | FlyYouFools

Summary | Massachusetts State Police Capt. Emma Swan leaves her red-hot career to become the police chief of sleepy Storybrooke, Maine. She’s hoping for a less-complicated, less-dangerous life, a desire that is dashed on both counts. AU. No magic. Crime drama and romance. Swan Queen is endgame.

Rating | M

Theme | AU, no magic

Also on AO3


Two innings later, Emma met Regina Mills The Pitcher, as she stood in the batter’s box and tried to keep her eye on the ball. It wasn’t easy, as she had become a big fan of Regina Mills, casual dresser. The woman’s running shorts displayed a lovely amount of firm thigh atop tan legs. The shapeless baseball jersey did nothing to hide her curves and Emma thought she could stare at TOWN HALL all day long. She was doing just that when the softball flew right by her torso and landed with a thud in the catcher’s mitt.

“Strike 1,” yelled the ump.

Shit, pay attention.

Emma took her eyes off the smirk on Regina’s face and, focus renewed, watched the ball, which was heading right for the sweet spot of her swing. Emma tightened her grip on the bat and unleashed a mighty cut, only to hear the ball hit the catcher’s mitt again. The fucking ball disappeared at the last minute.

“Strike 2.”

Emma pointed her bat at Regina. “You’re disgusting,” she laughed in mock anger. She looked over at Nolan, who nodded: “Knuckle curve.”

Regina smiled serenely. “You’re welcome, dear.”

She is not striking me out.

Emma watched the ball leave Regina’s hand one more time and swung through, sending it down the third-base line. She sprinted for first base, beating the throw by half a step.

Regina looked over, brows raised in surprise. Emma saluted with a proud smirk.

Halfway through the game, Henry decided he was done waiting and snuck over to the police department’s bench. He was sitting proudly next to Emma, happily lapping a Popsicle, when Regina caught his eye and opened her mouth in faux shock, following with a mock scowl.

The boy giggled and his mother wound up, sending a dancing curveball toward the batter. Humbert got a piece of the ball, which was just enough to send it rocketing out of bounds toward the police bench, heading straight for Henry.

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TO “JEALOUS WIFE” IN 5 SECONDS (exactly when she thinks Hook saved Ariel+Eric, and Emma will like it):




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 #THAT IS THE FACE OF A WOMAN WHO THINKS SHE JUST LOST SOMEONE SHE LOVES #AND IF YOU TELL ME DIFFERENTLY I SHALL KICK YOU IN THE SHINS #no i don’t think its ‘true love’ #not YET #but jfc that is not the face of someone who doesn’t careDEEPLY #about Emma

and for a split second she thought she was wrong that her belief in emma swan and her potential was wrong that she had let someone who genuinely cares about her die because she was too arrogant to believe that she could be wrong about this amazing person and for just that second the thought that she was responsible for emma’s death shattered her because regina is not a good person she has done terrible things but those were always her choices losing someone like this by accident at her hands is a guilt she has not borne yet and it would be devestating to her because she is trying to be better for Henry and herself and for a moment it did but then it turned out that she was right and emma came through for her again because emma is special and wonderful and why this show doesn’t choose to work on the regina-emma-snow dynamic more is beyond me (dealanexmachina)

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13 Apr 14
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are u from ph? :)Anonymous

There are 3 of us here. The blog started with me, yes the one from PH. It started as a simple and personal fic rec blog. Then people started liking it and contents were added til it got bigger and kind souls decided to help out, Bowie (HK), Kelsey(US) and Bia (Brazil).

13 Apr 14
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OMG. there's a mod here from the Philippines???? could it be? where have you been all my freaking life?? i am so alone out here. except the mandatory support of my girlfriend, of course. but OMG! HAHAHA. It is so difficult to find someone who ships SQ as well in the Philippines! All my friends are all CaptainSwan and shit and I'm like "open your eyes people. it's right in your faces. romcom zooms and eyesex!" Just. Wow. HAHAHA. I am so amazed. So if there is, can I contact you in anyway? lolAnonymous

Sure. You can message me here.

12 Apr 14
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I don't know if there is a fic out there but I had an idea for a prompt... Emma has a lion tattoo, like she got it in the past year and Regina sees it, knowing about her fate. Set after the mid season break. I don't know if you guys post prompts?Anonymous
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New Fic | What You Thought You Had To Do

Author: Hoovahoopah
Summary: It isn’t until they stop somewhere in Massachusetts that either of them say anything at all. They’re sitting in the bug, in the parking lot of some highway diner, and Emma can’t stand the silence. She can’t stand it, because she’s only been trying to take care of the both of them. To be fair, not really, and to be fair, not well.

in which Emma tries to make things fit. in the wrong way

11 Apr 14
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Fic Rec | Surrender

Author: Velace
Summary: Emma is having difficulty coming to terms with the fact the Evil Queen, who abducted her, is her True Love. Regina on the other hand, not so much.

— I have been looking for SQ fics I can get immersed to again for some time, and finally found this story. I’m currently just at the first chapter and it already looks promising. If you’ve read works by iheartmeangirls and thewhitestars, I’m sure you will enjoy this author’s work as well.